another sea

by writerlefter123

Her feet slap the pavement

Rain fills her trainers

Three sizes too large

They’re like flippers to walk in

There’s a humming in her chest

And it’s not going to rest

Twelve hours from home

She’s out of her depth

Street light flickers

Through the night that thickens

There’s a fog that’s drifting

And it’s nowhere near

To lifting

With numb fingers she fumbles

With a lost tongue she mumbles

In the race for a space

Between Argos and Prezzos

Or Starbucks and Tesco

Morning is warmer

There’s light on her face

It’s not sun, its headlights

Blinding not shining

Trying to sweep her away

In blankets he wrapped her

In promises he trapped her

Told her it was worth it

That she was through the worst of it

That they’d drowned for a reason

She won’t be trialed for treason

She won’t be stripped of her freedom

Whatever that is

Is she a villain

For wanting the best for her children?

And now that they’ve gone

Is she a bad mom?

For treading water alone

Until the little lights found her

And brought her ashore

Where she wades through the streets

A sea of heads that don’t see her

Another journey to dread

Another water to tread